Thank you for coming to the Play in a Day

We had a brilliant time at Play in a Day!

On the 31st January, our actors started arriving from 9am to practice the play that volunteers and director Dan Pollendine worked so hard on to devise.

The 13 actors took the roles of the ravens, king, prince, queen and princess, woodcutter, old lady and evil spirit; rehearsed scenes of physical dance theatre and musical pieces. Each scene was helped with the music of Jack Ross (guitar), Daniella Pollendine (guitar and vocals), and was narrated by Dan Pollendine.


The Play with the working title Nutopia, was a near future fairy-tale that commented on society and their constant need to be entertained. In a land far far away lived a king and queen very high up. They were expecting a daughter, but unfortunately the queen died during labour and left a king so heartbroken that he didn’t know what to do with the sadness he felt over the loss of his beloved wife and the deep love and happiness for the birth of his daughter. So he banned all sadness and happiness from the kingdom, leaving only a numbed sense of contentment.


The daughter, who grew up to became a young beautiful woman with an adventurous spirit wanted to leave the kingdom to explore the world and feel more, but the king didn’t want to let her go. Bound by walls and entertainment, the kingdom’s society lost more and more of their sense of humanity and instead were striving for more entertainment.



All of the young and old, who weren’t able to enjoy the entertainment were banned from the kingdom and catapulted over the wall into certain death, a big entertaining occasion for the masses. Among them the princess who saw this moment as a chance to finally flee. When she is catapulted over the wall, the king suddenly remembers all the moments leading up to him being so blinded by sadness and regrets his decisions immediately.

Cast list


Jack Ross                             Daniella Pollendine


Andri Boda                             Helen Raftery

Sally Souraya                        Kalphna Suthar

Rohan Duggal                       Alexandra Fisher

Natasa Jocic                         Gracia Kayindo

Jenny Le                               Thu Nguyen

Monika Niemiec                    Piotr Ochmanski

Front of House 

Taner Huseyin                      Alice Cui

Domenik Koshta                  Tayla Raines

Filippo Battaini

Film maker/photography

Reece de Ville                      Fiona Livingstone

Julio Osorio                          Saira Bhatti


Harprinder Kaur                    Kasia Dybek


Thanks to all of our volunteers and guests that were part of this amazing day.

Jo & Helene