Here To… Give 67 minutes of our time.

On Wednesday 18th July the Here To Islington team took to the streets of Islington for 67 minutes to see how we could help for a few minutes on people’s doorsteps in exchange for a brief chat about our new project and what motivates Islington residents to get involved in our local community.

For Nelson Mandela Day this year they wanted to celebrate the 67 years Nelson Mandela has been spreading his beliefs in justice and freedom for all and encouraged everyone to give just 67 minutes of their time to be part of the global movement for good. A perfect way for us to spend a Wednesday lunchtime…

Here To… Relax Tea Bags

So Tom, Lucy and I (Jen) gathered up our bucket of helpful tools and started knocking on doors in Islington to see how we could help, handing out teabags for people to have a relaxing cup of tea as they browse our blog.

Here To… Help Bucket

We swept a few doorsteps, trimmed a couple of trees, weeded a garden and picked up rubbish … all while chatting with the wonderful, friendly people of Islington.

Here To… Gather your views

There was the odd person who thought Tom was a door to door salesman, selling his bucket filled with trowels, brushes and window cleaners, however the majority of people we talked to were really willing to talk about their local community, what they already did and how they might like to get more involved.

Here To… Clean up your garden

We met a gentleman who already had a Google group for everyone on his street, another who organised cat sitting and babysitting amongst his neighbours and a young couple who regularly stopped in on their elderly neighbour to check she was ok.

It was brilliant to meet a few new friendly faces of Islington, hear about what they already do in their community and gather their ideas on how we can help the local community become more active. We hope to regularly stop by different streets in Islington over the coming months… look out we may be knocking on your door with offers of help soon.

…Work Together

We’re Here To… find new ways for people do the things that matter to them in Islington. And we need your help!

Over the next few years we’ll be running a project to help people do more in Islington.  Whether it’s meeting your personal goals, or doing something cool in your area, we’ll be making a website and doing lots of stuff In Real Life to get more people doing things that help themselves and their communities.

If you’re from a voluntary organisation that knows what motivates people to get stuck in and help out, if you live in Islington and you want to do something a bit different, or if you know about the difficulties of getting people involved and active, we really want to work with you.

On Tuesday 17 July we’d love you to come along to a workshop for Islington organisations and local people.  We want you to share your ideas and opinions to help us build something amazing.

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We are a non-profit joint venture between Isledon Partnership and FutureGov.

Here To is a bold new project that lets people in Islington meet their goals while doing good in their local area at the same time.

A revolutionary move away from ‘volunteering’, Here To is about finding out what motivates people, what they want to achieve in life, and matching them up with ways to achieve this that just so happen to be helping their community.

Brought to you by Islington Council, the three year project is being done by Isledon Partnership ( and FutureGov (  Isledon knows Islington inside out, and is great at getting people fired up and ready for action.  FutureGov are a bunch of tech geeks who know how to make great online tools.

We will build a web tool to help people find ways of doing all sorts of amazing things that help them meet their goals.  This could be things like exercising more, meeting more people, learning a skill, being more sociable, getting work experience, and much more.  The amazing part is that we will match people with things that will also make a big difference to life in Islington.  It could be a community group that needs some help, a small charity that could do with borrowing someone’s brain, or just a bunch of neighbours who want to fix something – anything goes.

We know you can’t just build a website and expect it to be an instant success, so at the same time as doing the web tool, we will be working hard to get people to tell us what their goals are, and to find awesome things for them to do.  We’ll be talking to local organisations, knocking on doors, and we may even make some slightly bonkers appearances at events and public places.  We think the people of Islington can help spread the word too, and that word of mouth is one of the best ways to shout about this fantastic project.

Currently online at the first job of the project team is to speak to anyone and everyone in Islington who wants to have their say on how things should be developed.  We want to make something delightful that people really want to use and since we’re not mind readers we need to hear people’s views.  Every part of the project is up for discussion – we’re not even wedded to the name ‘Here To’ and are treating it as a bit of a working title – have you got any better suggestions?

Not only are we mad about hearing from people, we want to walk our talk and work with anyone whose goals we can help meet.  Right now we’re on the hunt for people who are looking to meet more people and practice teaching others about a topic (e.g. gardening, cooking).  If this sounds like you, we’d love you to be one of our Gurus.  A Guru will work with us to get more people involved and to help people get excited about meeting their goals.

You can follow progress on Twitter @heretoislington and get in touch with Jen or Tom from the project team at or