Carlos’ Volunteering experience

Once in while, we get together with some of our volunteers and ask them about their experience. Carlos has been helping out at the Angel Shed theatre and this is his story.



Carlos has lived in Islington for just over a year, he moved from Spain where he had been working as a cameraman and photographer. He was keen to get more involved in his local community and share his skills at the same time as gaining experience.  After browsing the Here To Islington website,  Carlos was instantly attracted to the voluntary opportunity with Angel Shed Theatre who were looking for someone to film their end of term children’s theatre performance. Angel Shed theatre a fully inclusive theatre charity, providing specialist opportunities for children and young people otherwise excluded from this kind of activity.

Perks gained

Carlos really enjoyed his time making the film with the children, he found the website straight forward and easy to use. He liked that the opportunity was time specific but also relatively flexible around his availability. The brief was to capture some behind the scenes footage and the play itself to create a short promo and a full length DVD of the terms performance.  This year’s production was a trio of 3 plays: Where the wild things are, a Babayaga story and a Caribbean folk story.  An eclectic mix reflecting the diversity of the performers and audience.

Skills gained

Although Carlos has experience of filming theatre, Carlos had to adapt and blend in to be able to get great footage of the unique performance.  He was able to work alongside the Angel Shed theatre team to film and edit something that would work well for them.

 The future

Carlos will be helping to film at  hip-hop festival to expand his repertoire and would ultimately like to become a full time free-lance camera man and photographer but enjoys new opportunities to get more involved in Islington.


Carlos says:

Here To is very useful in being clear and specific, you know a start and end date which makes it easier to get involved. I would defiantly recommend it to friends.  Helping out with Angel Shed Theatre has been a lot of fun.

Joanne from Angel Theatre says:

It’s really hard for us to find willing volunteers and we are such a small organisation, we really rely on our brilliant volunteer teams. Here To is a great way for us to advertise for someone with specific skills such as filming and editing. He was great with the members, punctual, friendly and the final edits looks brilliant. The video will help us promote ourselves and continue our work in this year, our 10th birthday year, and in the future.




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