Forward Thinking For Here To


Greetings Islington.

Following on from all the wonderful work Helene did whilst running the good-ship Here To, I am excited to have taken over the position of Here To manager. Hello Here to, hello Islington!

Joanna, I and the rest of the Isledon team have been locking ourselves away with tea and cake and brain food, to plan the forward thinking of Here To and get moving on an exciting development stage. After hitting and exceeding all sorts of targets and aims we are excited to be expanding and exploring additional services that Here To can offer Islington organisations and residents.

As we move forward we will be spending more time focusing on direct collaborations with organisations to increase the frequency and number of enticing opportunities on offer to all you ready and willing volunteers. Equally as important though is our continued efforts to connect with people in Islington and find out just what would qualify as their ‘volunteer dream come true’, what makes their interest levels sore and what gets their volunteer clocks ticking. We intend to be picking a brain or two near you throughout the coming months at one of our many playful Pop-Ups across the borough. Keep them eyes peeled for a Pop-Up Near you…..

Also Watch this space for Bitsize Plus opportunities for residents to pursue longer lasting skills matching opportunities across our Isledon Hubs….

Looking forward to meeting some of you soon.


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About Sinead Emery

I struggle to know what to label myself as in these little boxes.... A once was Theatre and Development Practitioner, an in the past Arts Development Consultant, an all round enthusiast for creative community engagement processes..... I am delighted to be currently working with Isledon Arts, heading up Here To and community engagement initiatives across the organisation. It's super refreshing to be a part of a buzzing and forward thinking organisation who speak the same language in terms of youth and community engagement. I am currently writing a paper on Applied Arts and Appreciative Inquiry techniques, challenging the deficit mode when working with young people to engage, empower and educate. I also love curry and cake and am enjoying exploring offerings of both in and around my new dwellings.

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