Here To… announce a takeover!

Now the Here To Beach Hut tour of Islington is over (sad face), we’ve got a bit more free time to spare on our hands. In true Here To style, we wanted to ‘use our free time better’, so we thought to ourselves: why not organise another event?

Ruth at the launch event

Here To Takeover!

The Here To Takeover is an action-packed day of helping out and spreading the word that will take place on Wednesday 25th September.

A group of our Here To Wizards will visit 5 locations across the borough to raise awareness of the live opportunities we have available for residents, and how we can help organisations, community groups, start-ups and proactive people to find helpers with the right skills.

The locations

Owing to the sporadic nature of the day (and the fact that you’ll be giving us some tasks to complete!), we’ll be following this loose schedule:

* 9-10.30am Islington Central Library
* 10.30-12.30am London Metropolitan University, Learning Centre
* 1-3pm Hub Islington
* 3-5pm Whittington Park Community Cafe
* 6-8pm ArchWay With Words

At each location, members of the Here To team will be available to explain what Here To is about, show you how to sign up to an opportunity, explain what’s involved in creating an opportunity, to share home-baked edible goods and to teach you how to make a seed bomb.

Just look out for people in the grey and red Here To t-shirts!

Here To t-shirt

We’re Here To help

We’ll also be looking for Secret Skills at each location using the Here To Photomatic Machine, creating a noise on social media using the hashtag #HereToTakeover and offering our time to local people and projects who need it.

The Here To Photomatic Machine being built by Tom

If you would like us to help you out in any way on the day, from cleaning your desk to making you a cup of tea or brainstorming an event idea, simply tweet or Facebook your request to us and we’ll try and get to you.

We’ll have a backpack of goodies with us, and our Bucket of Community Spirit, so the more imaginative the requests the better!

bucket of community spirit

The Here To Takeover is all about getting more people excited and inspired about a new way of helping out locally and to get as many people as possible supporting the movement.

If you’re interested in using your free time better to meet personal goals, we’d love to see you there at a time and location that suits you!

The Here To Takeover has now taken place. Check out what happened by clicking here.

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