Here To… be a WIZARD

We are pleased to introduce our first Wizard for Here To… Jordan Braganza! We are really excited about welcoming Jordan to the team… read on to find out more about Jordan and what he is Here To help us with. 

Hey guys, my name is Jordan and I’m a first year undergraduate at Cass Business School. I recently attended my university volunteering fair where Here To Islington caught my eye and have even more recently become a ‘Wizard’ for the project.

Jordan the Wizard

Let me just point out that long hours is not something to be worried about. I am a university student so I along with everyone else understand that you may have many other things going on, be it classes or personal. Therefore we ensure you that we will not hunt you down or pester you in any way if you are pressed for time! When you have free time and want to use it well, that is when you come to us, and do something real.

If you are interested in meeting new people from the area, or building your CV, or finding new ways to meet your personal goals, then Here To Islington is the place to be right now. We are all new here as Here To has just commenced so every new-comer will fit in perfectly. It has been proven that 73% of employers would hire someone who has done volunteer work to someone who has not. This is a great reason to join us – it is a win-win situation. In addition, you would be using your time productively and having fun whilst doing so.

I mentioned earlier that I have become a Wizard – this is a name for a member who has a specific role at Here To. For example, I am responsible for social networking (Facebook, Twitter…). However, there are numerous other roles to be filled i.e. photography, organising events. For further information on the specifics, please contact us to find out more or read a bit more here. These roles can be seen as endless – as in they can pretty much match any quality that you have, for example if you are talented in IT, public speaking or just communicating all-round, we have a place for you here.

We are also in the process of organising a ‘hack-day’, where we are trying and have attracted several web designers to design/rebrand a website (among other things) for local charities and community groups in a matter of hours. This would be a great chance for you techies to meet some people a lot like yourselves and to have a great time.

Look out for more information on our Twitter or Facebook and start getting excited for our big launch event on January 26th!


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