Here To… tour Islington

The sunshine is out (for now) and we’re getting excited about the prospect of Here To being out in the fresh air in the coming months.

Last year, we had an absolute blast taking our Here To Photomatic Machine to various community events such as The Cally Festival, Angel Canal Festival and Gillespie Park Festival to find out your secret skills.


This summer, we’re Here To do more of the same, with a couple of extra pop-up events thrown into the mix as well.

We are currently busy making new Here To Photomatic Machines and gathering everything we need to bring the Here To Summer Beach Hut (oh yes!) to a street near you.

beach hut

Our planned stop-off points at the moment include:


Naturally, we are looking for creative and sociable people to join us on our summer holiday. The aim is to help spread the word around Islington about how we’re Here To help people to use their free time better.

To get involved, click here.

We will be adding to this list over the next month, so do come back to the blog to see if new dates/outings have been added. If you have any ideas or preferences around what should be in our beach hut, let us know on social media using #HereToBeachHut.

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