Here To… meet Stephanie

Hi! Stephanie here.

I helped out at Give Local recently, which was a real community occasion. Here To Islington have since invited me to share how it went through a success story.


Working for ELBA at the time, I came across Here To through Islington Giving, one of the organisations I was working closely with as part of my job.

On hearing about the Give Local event, I was particularly motivated to get involved because it sounded like a great opportunity to meet Islington residents, to have a chat with them and to understand if and how they wanted to get involved helping out on local projects.

I was able to do this and more at Give Local and the event really exceeded my expectations. It was excellent how the day was broken up, and I valued the mixture of helping out and having fun at the event. This enabled me to use my skills effectively, but also to explore some new areas of interest.

After a very informative morning briefing, I was part of a team flyering near Angel tube station. This was great fun but also a bit daunting (in a good way!). This brief leafleting experience really boosted my communications skills and built my resilience in a way that was different to my day job.

Type Tastings

The smoothie bike and treasure hunt activities were my favourites, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed some of the more creative activities. I don’t really consider myself to be a ‘creative person’, but taking part in the Type Tastings workshop may have changed my mind! The activities at Give Local made me realise that I am much more creative than I thought I was, which was a real light-bulb moment for me.

In terms of what I gained from taking part in Give Local, I certainly left the event feeling much more connected to what was going on in Islington on the ground, and I was able to make lots of useful contacts.

I would welcome other opportunities to get involved in similar ways in the future and Here To should do more to capture the enthusiasm of helpers like myself after these sorts of events.

I regularly give my time to local projects as a mentor and community event organiser, so I am open to ideas! I think the Here To approach is really innovative and user-friendly and I am curious to see how it progresses.


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