Here To… take action with The Challenge

Despite forecasts of rain on Saturday, the weather held out for us as we took our new Here To Photomatic Machines out and about in the Angel Islington area.

You will hopefully remember that we recently collaborated with young people from The Challenge, and that their task was to use the Photomatic Machines that they had created as conversation-starters with Islington residents.


The aim of the activity was to spread the word about Here To Islington and how the project can help people to use their free time better, but also to build the confidence, leadership and public speaking skills of the young people taking part in The Challenge.

Lights, camera, ACTION!


Before ‘taking to the streets’, we recapped over what we achieved in the last workshop, put the finishing touches to the new Photomatic Machines and set some personal goals. We also role-played some scenarios to practise our opening-liners, and to give each other tips on how we could attract people’s attention.

After that, we then set up shop at our 2 Photomatic locations: Chapel Market and the N1 Centre.

Following a group huddle…


…and a bit of setting up…


…we began starting conversations with passers-by!


The results? Secret Skills of course!

We found lovely people who were Here To play music…


…Here To draw

photo 2 (4)

…Here To tap dance

photo 3 (3)

…Here To dance more generally

photo 4 (3)

…Here To bake (yummy!)

photo 4

…and Here To organise people.

photo 5 (3)

Reflection time

After hauling our Secret Skills back to our base for the day, we then had a chat about how it went, what we enjoyed most and what we found challenging. Indeed, it’s much harder than you might think to get people talking to you in the middle of the street!

Here’s what some of the young people thought…


Alannah – ” I really enjoyed explaining the Here To project to people and seeing them react positively when they were interested. It was also great to hear about the volunteering that a lot of residents already do. At times, I found it a bit tough to judge who to approach and it took me a while to find an opening line that was effective with most people.”


Angela – “My goal for the day was to get 5 Secret Skills photos using the Photomatic Machine. I got more than 10, so I am really happy about that! Getting people to talk to us was hard at times, especially when people just walked on by, but I enjoyed building my confidence through this activity.”

All in all, it was a really interesting day where a lot was learnt by everyone. A huge thank you to The Challenge, Lift, the N1 Centre, the Chapel Market and all the Islington residents who stopped for us on Saturday: we could not have done it without you!

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