Here To… Test our thoughts

The Here To stone is certainly not gathering moss at the moment as we move forward with testing and iterating the way the service works and will work in the months and years to come. In many ways we are at the most challenging stage of development, but it’s also the most exciting as we work with Islington’s organisations, groups and motivated residents to shape Here To.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our initial workshops and meeting many of you on the streets and festivals in recent weeks, and as well as taking all this on board we’re looking to work with several motivated people in the borough to test our thinking in more depth. This could take on many forms – you could join us for a workshop where we run through sign-up processes or perhaps you’d be up for starting a prototype project in the borough with us?

If this sounds interesting then please do get in touch. We want Here To to be as amazing as possible, and we can only do this by working with you – the people it will serve.

Exciting times!

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