Postcards from the Past at the Cally Festival by Johnny Rodriguez

Johnny Rodriquez attended our Postcards from the Past event as part of the Cally Fest 2015

The 2015 Here To “Postcards from the Past” Event ( held in Caledonian Road at the very well known festival) was an interesting way of getting social, whilst having a bit of FUN and meeting people from all walks of life, of all ages and beliefs.

I heard about the opportunity thanks to “TeamLondon“-the Mayor’s Programme, that makes it easy for Londoners to give their name and find volunteering opportunities- and as it was a “local thing”, I decided to give it a GO.


Here to Islington, 2 years old and collaborating with Age UK Islington, is an unconventional idea to

-connect YOU to your neighbours;

-give YOU the chance to volunteer in a fast way, locally and without taking too much of your commitment or your precious time.

-use skills YOU already have or develop new ones, whilst having a good time and making the difference for your community.

At the event I met Joanna Bevan, working with Here To for 2 years by now.

She is easygoing, energetic in a very positive way, and all bubbly and enthusiastic about the Here To and volunteering.

She’s not telling me too much about future plans but I understand she wants to continue creating new  social events that matter, in collaboration with Sinead, Age UK Islington and with the help of good people, who want to genuinely get involved or simply make new friends. Next, is “The Challenge“-she told me- a project to get 17 years olds volunteering.. Well, Good Luck with that !

Back to the event this post should have been all about… It was very nice going through these colourful postcards, basically representing some memoirs of our Neighbours, about their life in Islington.

People stopping by the Here To stand took a  blank postcard and wrote a memory, anything about their time in the Borough. Original, simple and straightforward.

I also left my own memory, because I do love London and am quite falling in love with Islington, to be honest.

Juan postcard

Overall it has been a pleasure for me to meet Joanna and to get involved and

Yes, enjoying some time at the Cally Festival. Also I would like to add a special thanks to Team London, for yet another opportunity to help others, and at the same time help yourself.

Finally, thanks to You, for reading my brief-yet hopefully inspiring-blog, and wether if you are willing to find out more about the Here To “thing” or not, please let me salute you with my Best Wishes for a Meaningful Life.


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