Summer fun extended


Although the summer seems to be over, we are still going along to Islington’s summer parties:

Last Saturday, we went along to Caxton House, a community centre not far away from Archway station. There were lots of nice things to eat and cool things to see. The ever popular smoothie bike had a queue that never ended- we are sad to say that we didn’t get a smoothie. Luckily, we had the chance to try the fantastic food that was on offer ranging from burgers to very healthy wraps.

Right in front of our stall, was a little stage- we had been wondering what was going to happen there later, and much to our surprise, it were some little wild creatures like snakes, spiders and other reptiles we wouldn’t ever dare to touch!

Safe in our little corner, we designed and made cards for birthday boys and girls in a befriending network called Hospitality Action. A befriending network for people that have retired or are facing some life difficulties while working in the hospitality sector. Our birthday cards are designed for people aged 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 and 100 years old. The Wellcome Trust also helped us design and make cards in their lunch break on two Wednesdays.

In the next weeks, we will be going along to the Cally Fest with creative ideas on how to get you volunteering, we will also make some cards, but will also have some other creative activities on offer. Akasha Innovations, a sustainable business company is coming along to help us.

Akasha Innovations are in the middle of the biggest challenge ever- 50 days of summer, which essentially is one big fundraising party. As part of their fundraising challenge, they are organising lots of interesting events around London- we made friendship bracelets with them, they enlightened guests at a brainy brunch and stunned us with their glitter skills during Hub Islington’s lunch hours while making cards.

Leading us in to the autumn, is Gillespie Park’s Eco centre: On the 19th September, we will be going along to their Apple Day. A day dedicated to the juicy harvest that if you eat one once a day, it’ll definitely keep the doctor away. The day will include a lot of games and information about apple harvest, teach us one or two great recipes on what to do with apples and hopefully will also eat lots of them.

Have a look for the #5in5 opportunities we are sending out every Friday to remind you of what kind of micro volunteering opportunities are on offer and also where in Islington you can find us popping up next.

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