Updates from the Play in a Day

Ever since we announced the Play in the Day opportunities on Team London, in boxes are full and telephones are ringing at the Here To office. It’s great, we cannot wait for our show date on January 31st.

So far, we have recruited our creative team that consists of a director, Dan Pollendine, a theatre producer, Jonathan Samuels, support arts practitioner, Jo Tyabji and make up and set enthusiast, Fiona Mountstephen; recruited some of our actors, of which we still need more (sign up here) and have had our first pre- play workshop.

The pre-play workshop on the 6th December happened at Lift, Islington. Eight amazing people came along to get to know each other, learn more about acting and engage in training activities that helped them be more confident and comfortable on stage.

If you are interested in joining the team for the next pre- show workshop and the final performance read more information on our website. 

Here are some pics from the fun day we had:



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