We’re Here To… meet Louisa

An important part of the Here To process is to regularly check-in with the residents, organisations and community groups using the website.

This offers us a great chance to find out about people’s Here To success stories: why they decided to get involved, how they have benefited as a result and how they think we can improve the Here To experience.

We’re Here To report that Louisa, has not only used Here To for herself in a way that fits around her full-time job, she has also got her workplace involved! Here’s Louisa with her Here To story…


I first found out about Here To after searching online for volunteering opportunities in Islington. In particular, I wanted to get involved with a project nearby but also that was outside.

I was finding it difficult to find something that worked with my full-time working schedule. That’s where Here To really came to the rescue!

A professional, dynamic and easy-to-use website, I’m certain that Here To Islington is the best volunteering website I have ever come across: some of the others are a bit overwhelming to trawl through.


After doing some research, I first applied to The Garden Classroom. The timings did not work out for me in the end, but I was helpfully pointed in the direction of King Henry’s Walk Garden, where I am now a regular face. I help out once a month on a Saturday morning, which is the perfect level of bite-sized commitment for me as a working professional.

I don’t have my own garden so I was really keen to volunteer and be outside at the same time. Getting involved with this vibrant community garden has meant that I’m not just getting a healthy does of fresh air, but that I am also contributing to something that benefits the local community – this makes me feel proud. I have also met many local people and have had the chance to get involved in all kinds of social activities too, such as wine tasting!


I’ve had such a great experience at King Henry’s Walk Garden that I also managed to get my workplace involved. I have always been interested n bringing together the not-for-profit and commercial sectors as I firmly believe that they can both really learn from each other. I am passionate about creating mutual partnerships and improving understanding and collaboration between the sectors too. So I proposed a volunteering day to my company and King Henry’s Walk Garden and was delighted that I got a ‘yes’ from both camps. The result? 17 of my colleagues worked hard to replace the edging in the garden ready for the summer.

Aside from all the rich gardening knowledge I am acquiring at the garden, being part of the King Henry’s Walk Garden community is hugely therapeutic and rewarding in so many ways. It’s also a very open and friendly environment, so I am more than happy to just do a bit of tidying up when I go for my monthly visit.

King Henry Walk Jams

Reading the above, it’s probably no surprise to you to hear that I am really happy with my current role helping out at King Henry’s Walk Garden. The overall experience of finding the project through Here To has been great and I would strongly recommend using their website if you’re interested in getting involved in Islington.

Next up for me? I’m looking forward to Indian cookery sessions and more gardening across the summer!

Inspired? To sign up to help out locally or to make a call out for volunteers, visit our main website islington.hereto.org

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