Yummy yummy kindness cupcakes

Jo and me possibly have the best job ever: Last month, we collaborated with Jenius Social, a cooking school based just off Holloway Road, Good Gym, the coolest running club in town and Age Uk Islington to bake, decorate and host the yummiest friendliest afternoon tea in town!

afternoon tea

The adventure began in the afternoon of the 16th March: 8 bakers joined us at Jenius Social and baked 40 cupcakes under the guidance of Jamie Oliver Fifteen graduate Andrew Clements. Lots of different recipes and a crash course in icing. It was very hard not to eat all the garnish he had laid out for us- let alone the batter!






After they were all cooled down and ready to be decorated, 28 runners from Good Gym arrived just in time to ice the cupcakes, make welcome cards for the elderly people and organise a quiz with questions about Islington.


The next day couldn’t come fast enough, as Jo and me were definitely ready to try one of the cupcakes. We arrived at Jenius Social and found the place in a very nice set up, all the cards that were made the previous night had been laid out on the table for each guest to find and the cupcakes were looking fabulous and well presented on the tables.


Volunteers from Team London arrived to help with serving coffee and tea and engage in conversation with our guests from Age Uk Islington. Once they had arrived it was a sight of merriment and yumminess and Jo and me could also finally taste the cupcakes- delicious.


The Quiz was also excellent. There were some pretty hard questions to answer, but our long-time residents from Age UK couldn’t be fooled. What was the price, you might ask- well, more cupcakes of course!

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